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Step Five. We check the redevelopment. If there are scanned copies of the technical documentation for the object (registration certificate, explication and floor plan), and the house itself has a typical layout, it will not be superfluous to compare the data indicated in the project of the house with the information provided in the submitted technical documents. Information on the layouts of houses is freely available

By taking such simple steps, you will not be 100% safe, but this, at least, will allow you to identify unscrupulous sellers at the initial stage and either set them more serious conditions for entering a deal, or no longer waste time on them and look for another object.

Clients often ask how to check the developer. In most cases, the “non-professional” buyer is lazy to follow the recommendations and is limited to watching reviews on YouTube and reading online reviews. In fact, there is an integrated approach to the analysis of the developer. In the first part of the book, we talked about the fact that the developer is the owner of the land. In fact, it involves all other participants in the process in the construction: the bank that finances the construction, the architects, the general customer and the general contractor.


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